How it works

Artisan producers list and harvest

At the beginning of every week our network of artisan producers will upload a list of what they have available, their prices and the quantities to our website.

Then, once the orders start rolling they will get to work harvesting, baking, bottling, pickling….. to fulfil their customer’s orders.

Then everyone will come together at the weekly meeting where happy customers will receive their orders and have a chance to get to know who produced their food. Producers will have the chance to meet their customers and learn more about their likes and dislikes.

This process also means less waste. For example, the market gardeners need only harvest what they have sold and therefore reducing the likelihood of vegetables going to waste

Customers purchase and collect

Our customers log in to the website, check out what is available, make their selection and pay for their purchase.

Then every week, usually on a Thursday evening, everyone will get together and the customers collect their orders.

This will be a sociable occasion where customers will have the chance to meet and get to know their farmers, their bakers, their bottlers, and all other suppliers. Customers can provide feedback about what it is they want, their special wishes, and so on.